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Unfold the advancement with Watt Batt Wireless Car Charger

Unfold the advancement with Watt Batt Wireless Car Charger

Wireless car chargers appear to be one of the most significant accessories. Imagine you are traveling to a hill station with friends or rushing to the office and your battery got drained. Isn’t it most annoying thing. Of course yes.  It’s the car wireless charger that could save you from the infinite loop of problems. But not all car wireless chargers are helpful & impactful. Supposedly, you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy & fast wireless charger, switch to Watt Batt – An outstanding 15 watt, triple coil wireless charger which could make your life easier in a blink. 



Living in metropolitan cities is surely difficult & challenging. Indeed, most of the time we are driving and so it is almost urgent to buy car accessories that are useful, comfortable & easy to use because remember you are spending a lot of time in your car.

One of the car accessories that has grabbed everyone’s attention is Watt Batt – A brand-new car wireless charger. This a new & amazing product which is must be on your order list. 


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When it comes to reliability multiplied with technology, nothing could beat the relevance of the Watt Batt wireless charger. Are you looking for a reliable, stylish, and fast car wireless charger? If yes, then Watt Batt must be on your priority list. 


Of course, it is true that before you do decide which car wireless charger you wish to buy, you would like to check out its features & specifications. 


Here’s a quick view of the specifications, features & advantages of Watt Batt – A premium car charger designed with perfection. 


Watt Batt: An outstanding car wireless charger 


Watt Batt is one of the best wireless chargers available in the market today. Here are some of the specifications of the Watt Batt device that can awe you and will make you buy them in bulk for your family too. 


Watt Batt – A revolutionary wireless charger by JCBL Accessories which has created a huge buzz in the accessory market can instantly charge your devices & make your life easier. Now, you will be more than happy & satisfied to know that this amazing wireless charger is compatible with all wireless phones, including iOS & Android. 


There are numerous car wireless charger available in the marketplace, but not all of them work efficiently, looks stylish & attracts everyone’s attention. However, the Watt batt is one of them, which not only ensures an amazing charging experience but also looks astonishingly classy. 


Watt Batt has three charging modes, including 5/7.5/10-watt. Along with that, it is truly amazing that it does support or is compatible with all kinds of wireless mobile charger. As it has QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter, it could ensure a fast & quick charging without any fuss. With the help of data cables & wireless chargers, you can also instantly charge two devices at the same time & that too hassle-free.


A quick view of the specifications & features of Watt Batt


With a power output of 15w maximum & 78% conversion efficiency, it has created a huge buzz. Even the transmission distance of this amazing car wireless charger is 10mm. There are two charging points, including wireless & data cable points. 

Watt Batt wireless charger has a few outstanding features, which makes it an extremely different & unique product. Have a look to check out its hidden features. 


It ensures top-quality protection.

It states that Watt Batt eventually ensures protection against various problems like over-voltage, temperature, or current. So, if you switch to Watt Batt, you shouldn’t feel worried about your device as it ensures safety & protection. 


It is certified & trustworthy.

Indeed, it is a fact that not all the products are certified, but the ones that are certified must not be missed. Watt Batt, the amazing car wireless charger, is Qi & ETL certified, which makes it more reliable & trustworthy.


It is extremely compatible

You can use Watt Batt in any of the cars as it is widely compatible. 


It promotes distraction-free driving.

Indeed, once you place your mobile inside Watt batt, not only it will charge efficiently, but it also lets you concentrate on driving as you can dodge unwanted & unrequired pop-ups & notifications. 


So, if you are done with slow & sluggish charging & an uncool look of a wireless car charger, you are definitely ready to switch to Watt Batt – A stylish & extremely innovative product for the Indian Market. 


Now comes the question – from where can you buy this amazing product? If this is your question, you can check out its answer here only. 


Can’t wait to order Watt Batt- The powerful & stylish wireless car charger?


If you wish to order this amazing car wireless charger, all you are supposed to do is simply visit the official website of JCBL Accessories. Apart from this, you can also check out our products on popular platforms like Amazon & Flipkart.

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