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A comprehensive guide to buy wireless chargers!
We are living in an extremely busy and chaotic world, we are all surrounded with innumerable gadgets and so automatically it becomes important to keep these devices and gadgets charged. But how? Less time, more work, we got to keep moving all the time.
To resolve such problems, there is a long list of new and innovative devices that might make your life easier, simpler and convenient. Eventually we don’t have enough time to stop and waste our time on untangling the wires and just watching the sluggish chargers charge our devices at a gradual speed.
It is important for you to keep few important points in mind. You must choose the right standards, right wattage, right design, right ports, usability and reviews. Before making a move to get wireless charging pad, you must remember the tips.
It’s time to replace your old and typical wired chargers with the premium looking, fast charging wireless chargers which not only enhances your device’s performance but also saves a lot of your time and effort. Whether you are in office or in your car, look out for a reliable, trustworthy and genuine wireless charger kit and stay stress free.
So, here’s a long list of wireless charging pad for car could ultimately enhance your way of living.

Different Type of Car Wireless chargers

Of course, before you decide to buy mobile wireless fast charger, it is significantly urgent to know about the various kinds and types available in the market so that you can choose the one that fulfills your requirements.
Eventually there are two types of wireless chargers, the first one is inductive charging and the other is resonance charging. If we talk about wireless chargers, there are mainly two coils, the first one is primary and the other one is secondary coil. It is true that the primary coil wires are connected to the AC mains. The other type is based on A4WP standard.
Apart from that, the next is resonance type of charging which states charging more than one device. One can charge the device wirelessly by instantly placing the devices within the reach of wide resonant field
Today, there are various premium and stylish car wireless chargers available in the market. You can have a look at the various sorts and kinds of wireless chargers which has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Key Features and Benefits

Wireless chargers, an innovative device which could not only charge your device efficiently but also saves a lot of your time and effort. Once you switch to wireless chargers, you don’t have to repeatedly plug and unplug the cables. Effortless charging, protection from dangerous and typical faults like overcharging, over voltage, over temperature, fast and quick charging, compatibility with new and amazing devices are few of the highlights of wireless charger for car.
What could be better than this? Imagine, preparing for an important office presentation, while presenting, your battery gets drained, and to charge it you keep on trying to untangle the cables which is surely not a good situation to end up with! It’s unfortunate and so to avoid such chaos, confusion and problems in your life, switching to wireless charger mobile be the best option possible.

Product Showcase

With the recent escalation of advancement in technology this could be one of the most important reasons behind the rising popularity of advance and innovative devices and gadgets like wireless chargers.
The list of wireless chargers is huge and so you can check out the list of few new and revolutionary products which could enrich your personal and professional life. These products are extremely fresh and new in the Indian market. Check it out here!

JCBL’s Triple coil 15 watt fast wireless charger – The Watt Batt

• 15-watt wireless charger do support all types of wireless mobiles charging. • This is disturbance free design with added strong magnets, multi protection, Qi- and ETL certification and 10mm transmission distance are few of its astounding features

Choetech’s 10 watt under-table Invisible wireless charger

With 30mm transmission distance, charging mode like 10watt and compatible with all wireless charging, Magsafe, regular cases, iPhone, Samsung, vivo, Oppo, Pixel and even Airpods. It has 24-month warranty if there is any sort of manufacturing defects which culminates the feeling of protection and security.
If you are worried about the ways to install it, don’t as even the installation procedure is really easy. For a clutter free and comfortable experience, switching to invisible wireless charger is the perfect choice. Also, this amazingly designed wireless charger is an unbeatable choice for your office table. Get rid of the innumerable wires and experience hassle-free charging like never before.

Choetech’s 2-in-1 15 watt dual wireless charger: T317

Wonderfully designed Choetech’s wireless charger which is a perfect choice for iPhone and Apple watch. One can simply charger 2 devices at the same time hassle-free. This MFi certified devices looks stylish, ensures multi-protection and has a transmission distance of 10mm which is extremely beneficial for you as you can charge your device efficiently without much fuss.
The amazingly designed charger is foldable and has 15-watt charge mode which means not only this product has A+ style but also could charge your device and make your life convenient and comfortable. Compatible with all wireless charging supported phones, Apple watch, One Plus, Poco, iPhone, Samsung, vivo, oppo, pixel and many others.
Variable charging and 2-in-1 charging stand, foldable and nightstand design are few of its extraordinary features.

Choetech’s 15 watt Magsafe AC vent Mount Magnetic Wireless car charger T200

Extremely beneficial for iPhone, this wonderfully designed wireless car charger rotates 360 degree ensuring an ease of charging. Well-equipped with magnets, wireless and USB cable interface and 45 degrees Celsius. Compatible with the series of iPhone such as 12,13,14 and other higher models with warranty of 24 months against manufacturing defects. With features like multi-protection, Qi-ETL certification, strong magnets, 5, 7.5 and 10 watt wireless chargers are few of its amazing features.

Choetech’s 10 watt fast wireless chargers T511

When comes the question of reliability, trust and credibility, this amazing device stands at the top. With alluring features like amazing conversion efficiency, outstanding shell surface temperature, various watts of charging modes, compatible with iPhone and transmission distance of 5mm, this newly launched wireless charger is perfect for you. Along with that, it has rubberized base which wouldn’t let your phone move here and there, keeping it stagnant and gripped. It also a led indicator which would help you to check out the charging status. Apart from that, it has a ultra-slim and compact design. This anti-slippery device is extremely case friendly design.

Choetech’s 15 watt fast magnetic wireless charger T518

Extremely compatible and perfect for iPhone and Qi supported mobiles, this wonderfully designed wireless charger has type c attached cable with transmission distance of 5mm, Magsafe variant, 0.05w standby power consumption, this exclusively designed wireless charger is everyone’s first choice. With standard charge modes like 7.5, 10 and 15watt, this wireless charger is compatible with all wireless charging supporting phones. 24 months warranty against any manufacturing defects, minimalist circle design and multi protection

Choetech 15watt AC Vent Mount Mobile holder T201-F

With conversion efficiency of more than 70%, availability of 360-degree rotation, 15watt maximum power output, and compatible with all wireless charging supported phones, this outstanding device has secured an exclusive position in the user’s mind. The market of Wireless chargers wide and so it becomes extremely difficult that one charger that not only elevates the performance but also makes your life easier, simpler and quicker. The list is long, but finding that one trustworthy and reliable name is the actual task. You can rely on Choetech’s 15-watt ac vent mount mobile holder which is also a wireless mobile charger for car. Protection from typical and dangerous problems like overheating, over temperature plus has an acclaimed certification are few of the reasons behind its elevating popularity.

Choetech’s 5 coil 15 watt dual fast wireless charger T535

Compatible with a wider range of new and freshly launched phones and Qi enabled devices like iPhones, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, One plus, Poco, Pixel, Samsung, Vivo and MagSafe regular cases. Along with that, this alluring device is also compatible with AirPods3/Airpods 2/AirPods Pro.
With the guaranteed warranty of more than 18 months in case of manufacturing defects and other astonishing features like multi protection, variable charging, it has surely created a huge buzz. Imagine you wouldn’t have to keep wasting time on untangling the wires, just keep your devices on this wireless chargers and get your devices charged instantly. This handy charger could instantly charge 2 devices at once, its 5 coils can help in enhancing and enriching your charging experience.

Buying Guide: Tips

The demand of smartphones is directly proportional to the demand of wireless chargers. And it is predicted that as new gadgets and devices keeps on launching, it is obvious that devices like wireless chargers will witness a considerably elevation.
As the market of wireless mobile chargers huge, it is important to bifurcate and find out the list of wireless chargers which is from a trustworthy, credible, genuine and reliable brand. Maybe that’s why it is extremely important to keep few tips and tricks in mind before buying wireless charging pad for car.
• Fast Charging • Brand Credibility • Safety and Protection • Durability, compatibility and design
Product Name Design Exclusive Feature Price Point Watt Number of devices
Choetech Magsafe AC vent mount magnetic wireless car charger
  • Premium Look   • Stylish aura   • Easy to carry   • Compatible with all Magsafe wireless devices   • 360 degree rotation Rs. 3499 15 watt 01
Choetech wireless charger for Qi supported mobiles
  • Non slippery surface   • Non-disruptive LED indicator   • Ultra slim and compact   • Case friendly design   • 5mm transmission distance   • 5w, 7w and 10w and fast charging modes   • Only compatible with iPhone Rs. 2999 15 watt 01
Choetech 10W Fast Wireless Charger for Qi Wireless charging Supported Mobiles
Minimalist Circle Design   • Multi-protection   •Compatible with all wireless charging supporting phones • 5mm transmission distance Rs. 2499 10 watt 01
T201- F
Choetech AC vent mount mobile holder with wireless mobile charger for car
Alluring and new look Easy to install   •Smart coil detection   •Qi and ETL certified Rs. 3399 15 watt 01
Choetech 5-coil dual fast wireless charger
Looks extremely enhancing
Premium and stylish look
10 mm transmission distance Compatible with Qi wireless chargers Rs. 4999 10 watt 02
Choetech Invisible wireless charger
Aw-struck look
Easy to carry, simply handy or portable
Clutter free experience
Perfect for offices
Qi and ETL certification
Rs. 6999 10 watt 01
Watt Batt Triple coil wireless car charger Disturbance Free design Perfect for car
Two charging points
10mm transmission distance
Rs. 7999 15 watt 02
T317-Choetech 2-in-1 dual wireless charger Looks amazing
Edgy Look
Charge your iPhone and Apple watch
Perfect for office
10mm transmission distance
Rs. 11, 999 15 watt 02
The above-mentioned accessories are few top-quality and on-demand mobile car accessories, which will not only enhance your lifestyle but also will help you in staying up to date on personal and professional work. These car wireless car chargers are one of the most renowned, popular and acclaimed names in the world of mobile accessories.
Frequently Asked Questions!

What are the different models which supports Choetech 2-in-1 charger?

The device is compatible with QI-enabled devices like iPhone, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Poco, Pixel & others.

What are the different features that Choetech wireless charger offers?

The different features include a minimalistic circle design, a multi-protection system, wireless charging & others.

What is the shell surface temperature of the Choetech Magsafe charger?

The shell surface temperature is 45 degrees

What are the different standard charging modes of Choetech fast magnetic wireless charger?

7.5/10/15w standard charging mode
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