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Top Online Platform To Buy A Car Or Mobile Accessories

Top Online Platform To Buy A Car Or Mobile Accessories

Top online platform to buy accessories

Gone are the days when buying a car was just enough; this era is all about decorating it with wonderful & useful accessories. Surely, it solves the major commute problems but at the same time keeping your cars in decent & decorated condition is a must thing. With the increasing population, the demand for cars and their accessories is escalating.

Now, if you are wondering where you could find the best, most affordable & latest accessories, stop wondering & visit the official website of JCBL Accessories now, one of the best online platforms where you can find car accessories, like Android AI Box, data cables, wireless chargers & whatnot!

JCBL is an online platform through which you can order amazing products for your car and other accessories for day to day life. They provide your car's most suitable, affordable, and high-quality accessories. The company is based on basic principles such as customization, continuous innovation, and high-standard products. So, next time you wish to deck up your car, choose JCBL accessories.


About JCBL Accessories

JCBL has been a pioneer in providing mobility solutions to people. It is a company that provides high-quality car products with great reliability and warranty. They offer top-notch services to their customers and always aim to meet industry standards.

However, the introduction of its new vertical, JCBL Accessories, has surely created a huge buzz. Also, you can also customize and personalize your car accessories choices by buying top-quality products, like wireless chargers for iPhones, from the website of JCBL Accessories without compromising the design, quality, and standards due to their robust technology.

JCBL is known for its huge infrastructure and production capabilities. They also have good networking qualities and indulge in reliable collaborations and partnerships. The design expertise of JCBL Accessories is outstanding, which enhances customer engagement in the best ways possible.


Product categories

If you visit the website of JCBL Accessories, you will get to explore different product categories which are innovative, stylish & is the perfect hype for your vehicles. Check out the various product categories which have created a huge buzz in the accessories industry.





The first that comes in the list is the Android AI box which is simple to use & will help you to instantly enjoy seamless streaming of various OTT platforms such as YouTube, Netflix & many others. You can also have a look at the different products in this category.

One of the most important devices that have acquired everyone's attention is Ottocast Picasou 2. This amazing device has numerous benefits, features & specifications. You can just have a look to understand in a better way.

Ottocast Picasou 2

This multimedia AI box is extremely compatible with Android & iOS. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa-core chipset, 4GB+64GB, plus expandable 128 GB. You can instantly install any apps from the store & could stream any apps online, such as YouTube, Netflix & Disney Hotstar.

Ottocast Play2 Video

Even this device supports Android & iOS devices and allows hand-free calling & amazing music streaming as well. You can instantly convert OEM wired carplay into wireless carplay /android auto. It is immensely compatible with your car's factory control which also includes voice control, steering wheel control, touch screen & even the knob screen.

Wireless chargers

Switching to wireless charging could be the best decision ever. Get rid of untangling wires & charge your devices without any fuss. JCBL Accessories offers a huge number of chargers that are wireless & easy to use. A few of them are given below:

launch offer of 15% off on mobile accessories, choetech wireless charger by jcbl, Glono, suitable with iphone series   

  • Choetech Invisible 10W undertable wireless charger
  • Choetech 5-Coil 15w dual fast wireless charger
  • Choetech 2-in-1 15w dual wireless charger for iPhone & Apple Watch
  • Choetech 15w fast magnetic wireless charger for iPhone & Qi-supported mobiles
  • Choetech 15w dashboard mount mobile holder with wireless mobile charger
  • Choetech 10w magsafe dashboard mount magnetic wireless car charger for iPhone
  • Choetech 10w fast wireless charger for Qi wireless charging


There is a huge range of mobile accessories that could make your life easier & simple. Switch to wireless chargers now.

Data Cables

With reliable & trustworthy data cables, you can simply transmit data without any fuss. You would be glad to know that JCBL Accessories has a wide & broad range of data cables that are long-lasting & ensures fast & quick charging.


  • Choetech Type C to Type C – 100 w fast charging cable
  • Choetech USB-A to Type-C – 40w fast charging 5A cable
  • Choetech USB-C to lightning 5A 40w fast charging cable
  • Choetech USB-C to lightning 5A 40 W fast charging cable


JCBL Accessories being the newest vertical, has an experienced & knowledgeable team who can answer all your queries. All you need to do is to visit the official website of JCBL Accessories & get ready to witness the magic. From type c chargers to mobile holders, they have it all. They Sell these accessories on other platforms as well like, industry buying, Moglix, JioMart, Flipkart, Amazon etc.


JCBL accessories, Glono

JCBL Accessories is an innovative companywith an experience of more than 30+ yrs that sells superior quality car accessories to fulfil customers' requirements. You will love the wireless phone charger for cars and other JCBL products. They have high-end technology, an expert team, and industry standardization. These products help you enhance your life and make you feel at home even in your cars; hence if you're planning to make your car stylish and upgrade the standards of your vehicle, visit the official website of JCBL Accessories.

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