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 Life is terribly hectic, and to strike balance in personal and professional life is immensely difficult. The fussy lifestyle and workload are one of the reasons behind not getting proper time for yourself. Imagine you are stuck in an office meeting, and you have to attend your BFF's reunion party in an hour.

Isn't it frustrating to not have time or place to get ready properly? Wait a minute, stop worrying as for this kind of last-minute hustle, we present you a stylish, premium and exclusive LED mirror in car, Vanitify!

As working women, we have less time, but now you don't have to compromise with your makeup time. No matter whether you are travelling or wish to go for a quick touch-up in the office, makeup mirror Vanitify is here to make your lifestyle easier and your makeup quotient on point!

Why should I buy Vanitify?

Imagine, it's your friend's birthday, you just got out of the office, and now you are stuck in traffic! Isn't it extremely frustrating? Of course, yes. And so, with Vanitify mirror infront of car, you can utilize your time and slay at the party like a real queen!

If you are wondering how you can get ready in the dark, you do not have to worry about it, as Vanitify is an LED make-up mirror which has three shade lights such as white, warm and beige. Along with that, one can instantly change the modes just with a tap on the mirror.

Even the charging procedure of Vanitify is extremely easy and simple; It already has a 1000mAh rechargeable battery, which could be used for longer usage. You do not even have to turn on your vehicle to use it. Along with that, anyone can easily install Vanitify, as you just have to use a strap to fix the sunshade visor. One would need only a minute to install it.

While travelling in a car, we all face a lot of difficulties when it comes to delicate makeup like eye shadow or eyeliner, but with makeup mirror Vanitify, you wouldn't even have to worry about it as Vanity Mirror has a 5x magnification feature. You can proceed with your delicate makeup routine without even thinking twice.

How to use it?

Yes, this is a very genuine and relevant question. But installing Vanitify is really easy; just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, you must open the back straps carefully
  • Now, you must hang it properly
  • Next, you must tap on it to turn on the lights 
  • And then tap on it to change the light mode
  • Now, you must tap and hold it for a few seconds to increase the brightness of the light.
So, no matter whether you are travelling or stuck in the car, Vanitify is your ultimate saviour. Switch to Vanitify and say no more compromise with style quotient.

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