Everything you should know about Heavy Duty Portable Jack!

Everything you should know about Heavy Duty Portable Jack!


Indeed, the list of roadside assistance accessories is endless, but we are all looking out for unavoidable products that fit our requirements. Since the inception of jacks, it has been observed that the application of heavy-duty portable jacks is huge and extensive. Maybe this could be one of the reasons behind the popularity of car jack online as well.  


But before you decide to buy any heavy-duty portable jack or hydraulic jack, it is immensely important to keep a check on the different factors and features it ensures. This blog clearly explains the different benefits, types and needs of heavy-duty portable jack. Just go through the blog and understand the unbeatable power and requirement of roadside assistant accessories.


What is a hydraulic Jack?


Basically, a hydraulic jack or popularly known as an auto lifter, is a mechanical device used to lift a heavy weight. Mostly used in the automotive and construction industry, this amazing tool is now immensely popular amongst drivers who use it for personal use. 


Imagine a sudden breakdown of your car in the middle of nowhere; how annoying it could be, and maybe this must be one of the reasons behind the rising and escalating popularity of the tools like these. In the list of various roadside assistant accessories, an auto lifter or hydraulic jack appears to be one of the acknowledged, required and loved tools. 


To be honest, the tool is no longer confined to industries or businesses but serves as a perfect roadside partner for individuals. Whether you are travelling alone or with your squad, on a trip or a business trip, it is the auto lifter or portable hydraulic jack that can save a lot of time and effort and make your journey hassle-free. 


What are the different types or kinds of Hydraulic Jacks?


If you wish to buy car accessories online, you will find a long list of products, but amongst them, only a few, like portable jack is the one which maximizes your benefits and minimizes your troubles. And to be honest, it excellently saves a lot of your time and effort. 


Frankly, there are two types of hydraulic jacks, the first one is bottle jacks, and the other is floor jacks. Other kinds of jacks include toe lifters, levelling, scissors, screws and ratchet. Since its inception, the hydraulic jack has had an extensive range of applications. 


Features of Hydraulic Jack


What are the applications of a Hydraulic Jack or Auto lifter?


Auto lifter or hydraulic jack has wide applications, which include:

  • Lifting of car or any other vehicle for instantly changing its tyre
  • Used in industries to lift heavy loads
  • Fitting of cranes
  • Used in lifting platforms
  • Handling equipment


What are the benefits of Hydraulic Jack?


There are plenty of benefits that hydraulic jack offers. And few of them are explained here, such as:

  • It is portable, compact and takes less space
  • Extremely easy, comfortable and convenient to use
  • One can lift the load by applying minimum effort
  • It is lighter than screw jacks and can be lifted easily without applying much effort


Along with that, one can simply use it for personal use. And so, it is the perfect travelling companion. Change your tyres in a minute with minimal effort with the help of a Hydraulic jack or popularly known as an Auto lifter. 


So, if you are planning to proceed with car accessories buy online, plenty of products are available online. But before you decide to buy one, there is a long list of factors that one should remember. Here are a few important tips you must remember before buying roadside assistant accessories like Hydraulic Jack.


Considerable Tips to remember before buying Hydraulic Jack!


Indeed, there are plenty of factors to remember before you decide to buy a Hydraulic Jack. Once you are extremely sure about the same, then only go ahead and buy one. Here are quick pointers that one must keep in mind and consider before ordering a Hydraulic Jack. 


Buy it from a renowned, credible and acclaimed brand 

This is probably the most important factor. No matter whatever your usage it, whether you are buying it for industrial work, construction purposes or simply using it for emergency purposes individually, ordering it from an illustrious and distinguished brand which already has established in the industry would be extremely beneficial for you. 


Few important specifications that must be the highlight of the product

  • The loading capacity of the hydraulic jack must range between 4- 12 tonnes
  • The maximum lifting height must be 36.8 cm for tons and 46.5 cm for 12 ton
  • It must be a load-limiting device for a safer loading process
  • Must ensure unbeatable durability 
  • Extremely strong and power grip 
  • The design of the hydraulic jack must be leak-proof 


Along with that, there are a few other points that one should keep in mind as well, like the warranty period, package contains, capacity, compatibility with vehicles and many others. 


So if you plan to buy a car jack online, the above-stated pointers will guide and assist you in selecting. 


Indeed, a Hydraulic Jack is one of the most important tools that one must have for varied usage. Hopefully, reading this blog was worth your time and effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions!


 What are the main uses of Hydraulic Jack?

The five main uses of Hydraulic Jack include lifting platforms, automobile industries, material handling, and hydro power plants. 


What are the two types of Hydraulic Jack?

There are two types of hydraulic jacks: trolley hydraulic jacks and bottle hydraulic jacks.

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