Unmissable Roadside Assistance Accessories for Travel Adventure!

We all love travelling, but we are aware that with excitement, the road also holds unpredictability. Being a travel enthusiast, staying prepared for any emergency situation is extremely mandatory. Travel aficionados must equip themselves with roadside assistance accessories.


Here in this blog, you will get a complete idea of what roadside assistance accessories are, why you need them as a traveller, and what are the different RSA accessories travellers must have!


Why Travellers must have Roadside Assistance Accessories?


If you travel often, go for camping, trekking or hiking, there are a bunch of products that should be on your ‘must have’ list. Here are a few significant reasons why travel enthusiasts cannot miss out on these essential products!


To feel safe & secured

The road trips are uncertain, and emergency could happen unexpectedly. It is with the help of roadside assistance accessories that travellers can stay prepared for any exigency situation as it has different tools that allow the travellers to handle or face any situation hassle-free. 


Ensures a feeling of self-reliance

Prolonged delays and inconveniences are extremely normal when you are seeking external assistance. However if you do have the correct set of roadside assistance accessories, travellers could identify and fix the issues instantly. This gives travellers a complete feeling of independence. 


It saves a lot of money.

Imagine how pathetic it would be to wait for assistance or services if your car breaks down somewhere in a remote area! But you wouldn’t have to waste your time and effort if you have roadside assistance accessories with you. Investing in RSA will ultimately save the cost of expensive repairs and professional assistance.


Peace of mind 

Travelling should be all about enjoyment without worry or stress. Travellers prefer to explore the unexplored without tension or worries. And so, RSA ensures peace of mind, letting the travellers concentrate on their journey and travel without undue anxiety or tension. 


Roadside Assistance Accessories are much needed if you travel regularly. The travellers feel extremely empowered and prepared if they have the RSA kit. 


Few Striking & ‘Much Needed’ RSA Accessories in 2024


Here’s a quick check on the list of different RSA accessories that one must carry in their car in order to experience a pleasant and safe driving experience. 


Portable Battery Pack


Power Bank

While travelling long distances, there is a constant fear of battery drainage! Imagine trekking hard and finally reaching your favourite destination but being unable to take pictures because your phone battery drained! In such a situation, carrying this amazing portable battery pack is essential. This is surely a basic product that travellers must carry with them.


THE YOUNG GUNS – 10, 14 & 16 caliber

The Young Guns


This innovative and revolutionary accessory secures its position at the top because of its wider range of usability. Popularly known as the ‘smart revival kit’, this power-packed emergency kit is a must-buy for anyone who loves to drive but doesn’t want to waste time and effort because of the breakdowns. JCBL Accessories introduces this amazing product, which is an unbeatable suitcase of amusing RSA accessories. It has three different variants: 10, 14.8, and 16 caliber.


Did the late-night car party get too messy? If you are looking out for a Vacuum cleaner, rely on our kit. So, no matter how peculiar, complicated the problem is or annoying the breakdown is, the Young Guns by JCBL Accessories is an amazing solution to all of these problems. 


Caliber 10This is a 4-in-1 multi-utility kit that is an amusing combination of Vacuum cleaner, Jump starter and emergency light. Travellers must have this kit as it is an unbeatable kit that could be helpful in cleaning your car with a vacuum cleaner, a jump starter to instantly start your car during an emergency, and using an emergency light while travelling. It also has a power bank, which could help you charge your devices quickly.


Caliber 14.8This emergency car kit is a wonderful combination of wireless tyre inflators, which could help travellers inflate their tyres instantly, or trekkers could also inflate their camps and enjoy camping. Apart from that, there is a pressure washer in case your car looks awfully dirty. Enjoy charging various devices with the help of a power bank. 


Caliber 16Being a traveller, this must be your first choice as this multi-utility kit includes a powerful wireless tyre inflator, vacuum cleaner, pressure gun and power bank with a jump starter. 


Pressure Optimiser (PSI 6.4)

Tyre Inflator

 With a 6000 mAh battery and a rechargeable power bank, PSI 6.4 is one of the best and most innovative products in the RSA category. This multifunctional, portable, compact, plus trendy-looking air pump is an unbeatable solution for all your inflation needs. It can inflate any two-wheeler tyre in 2-5minutes. So, if you are a travel enthusiast, a mountain biker or even an adventure enthusiast, keeping PSI 6.4 in your bag for a quick fix is an amazing choice.


GPS Navigation system


As the name suggests, this GPS navigation system will help you to instantly locate the real-time location of your vehicle. This amazing device can be installed in three ways: factory fit, dealer installation, and portable GPS navigation system. This product could be instantly installed in the vehicle without any fuss, and for that, one doesn’t have to depend on a mobile phone. 


Equipping travellers with roadside assistance accessories is all about preparing them for the unpredictable. All of these RSA tools and kits empower travellers to handle any unforeseen situation like a pro. 

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