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Trendy car accessories that must be on your bucket list.

Trendy car accessories that must be on your bucket list.

Car accessories ensure an aesthetically smart look to your vehicles. All of us do love our cars, and maybe this could be one possible reason we love to seek out the best, most comfortable, stylish & aesthetically attractive car accessories. 

 Some accessories are mandatory for cars; however, some add to your style quotient. In this blog, you will learn about trendy car accessories, like Car Android Ai box, etc., that can make your car look and feel stylish.


List of accessories which could uplift your car's vibe


Whether it is a simple gadget like a wireless charger or any high-tech gadget like Ottocast Play 2 video that you seek, you must have complete information about the same. Go through the below-mentioned points to have a look at the further details. 



Watt Batt Wireless Charger: Style multiplied with Tech 


Watt Batt is your one-stop solution if you're looking for a smart wireless charger for your car. Watt Batt is a wireless charger that can easily pass for this era's trendiest car accessory. Are you going on a long road trip with your friends and worried your phone batteries might die? If yes, then get rid of all your worries because Watt Batt is here to cover you for your endless road trips. You're a traveller who enjoys road trips in your car, have your Watt Batt with you, and you can enjoy your freedom.



Watt Batt is a wireless mobile holder charger that has several benefits. It is compatible with all phones- Android and iOS. It is a wireless accessory, easily portable anywhere and everywhere without much hassle. Since it is wireless, you can experience safe connections with Watt Batt. The durability of Watt Batt is exceptionally high, and it provides a better grip to the device. It protects your device against overheating, voltage, and current.


Watt Batt has input connection type, and nominal input voltage supporting DC 9-16V. It has an input plug type of cigarette plug to DC (female) with an input current of 1.5 to 2A. The cable length of Watt Batt is 80 cm. The output port of Watt Batt is a 2.4A cigarette socket and is wireless. It has a charging efficiency of <80% and is Qi-compatible. The product's design follows the CE, FCC, and ROHS standards. It has a product warranty period of 24 months.


Choetech XCC-1002 Data Cable: Long lasting & durable

Have you ever imagined life without a data cable? We are not talking about the ancient era but the technology era prevalent today. Hard to guess. Of course. If you're in a rush for a presentation and your file is with your colleague, you will need a data cable to get yourself going. You need quick charging while your phone battery dies; you're sorted if you have a data cable.


Data cables are multifunctional devices that can help you transfer files from another device and keep your phone battery alive in times of need. It is also a portable device that won't count as extra baggage. Data cables are highly compatible with all other devices.


The Choetech XCC-1002 is a USB cable with standard input of QC3.0. It has a fast power transmission of 5A and charges up to 100W. It is nylon-braided. It has a transfer speed of 480 Mbps and length is 1.8 meters. It comes with a 24 months product warranty period.



Ottocast Picasou 2 Carplay Ai box: Evolution ahead!

Carplays are the new trendsetters in the car accessories market. If you want to uplift the style quotient of your car, the Ottocast car Android Ai box is a must-have.

Ottocast Picasou 2 is your dream carplay with unique features that improve the functionality and aesthetics of your car. They have superior compatibility, ample storage facilities, built-in GPS, multiple connectivity, and several entertainment options.

 If you want to go on a road trip with Ottocast, you can have lots of fun with accurate navigation options and a secured driving facility. Compatible with Android v10, Android & iOS & equipped with GPU Adreno -610, this amazing car play is built-in GPS/GLONASS. One can binge watch 'n' number of movies, videos & TV series on different OTT platforms like YouTube, Netflix & Disney+ Hotstar. 


Amazon Basics 15W Wireless Charger: Basic but outstanding

Another trendiest inclusion in your can be the Amazon Basics wireless charger. Wireless charging is the most modern and stylish charging option today. It eliminates the need for endless cords or wires that entangle each other, causing chaos.


Amazon basics charger provides a seamless, fast charging facility with an optimized chipset providing 15W charging. It is compatible with smartphones. It also offers a stable surface for instant placement & charging of the devices. 


Amazon Basics Premium Braided 60w fast charging & data cable: Powerful & reliable 

Charging cables are the most important assets today. With so many gadgets around us and everyone relying on smartphones, keeping a charging cable with you on the go is essential. The cable matters charging cables is ideal for transferring data and for charging smartphones as it is compatible with all devices. This durable & sturdy 1.2-meter data cable is perfect for charging & powering USB Type-C-enabled devices. It is ideal for syncing data, photos & music. 




Cars are a second home for most people. Setting up your car with the trendiest accessories available is one of the ideal options for sudden road trips or family outings. The above devices are the trendsetters in the current market, and JCBL Accessories is your one-stop solution for buying the above gadgets. You can get Android auto and other accessories at the most affordable prices at JCBL. So, grab the opportunity to equip your car with the trendiest accessories today.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Is wireless charging a feasible option during a road trip?

Yes, wireless charging is the safest and most feasible option for a road trip. It provides fast charging and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


How is the compatibility of the Choetech data cable?

Choetech data cable is a highly compatible device. It works well with both Android and iOS devices.


What is the best feature of Ottocast Picasou 2?

Some of the best features of Ottocast Picasou 2 are- built-in GPS, decent RAM storage, online applications streaming, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity.


Do the above accessories protect against overvoltage?

All the above accessories protect against overcurrent, over-voltage, and over-power. They follow the FCP and SCP protocols and are Qi certified.


What are the must-have car accessories?

Your car must have wireless chargers, data cables, and carplays to keep you secure and entertained on all your road trips.





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