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Today, mobile phones appear to be one of the unavoidable devices that one should have. However, in metro cities, we are mostly travelling from one place to another via cars, and in such a situation, it gets immensely difficult to find a mobile car charger which is reliable, works efficiently and enhance your life experience. But don’t worry, as there are numerous and wider range of options available. So before you decide to buy a car mobile charger holder, there is a set of instructions that one must follow, have a look!

Importance of choosing the right mobile car charger

Indeed, the market is full of choices, but it is your prior responsibility to find that one device which not only fulfils all your requirements but also is affordable. So, before you make up your mind and decide to buy any mobile charger online, there is a quick research that you must do! 
You must have an idea about the type of charger you are looking for, whether price point or compatibility is your priority. Once you are sure about your choices, then only you must move forward. A few important points that one must remember are the power output, number of ports, charging capacity, warranty, reviews, brand and quality.  And so, these are a few significant pointers that one should remember before buying a car mobile charger cable. 

Different Types of car phone chargers

There are different kinds of  car charger mobile available, and so from a long list of chargers, you must choose the one that suits you. There are four different types of chargers like USB to Micro USB, USB to type C, USB to L, USB Type C to C, USB Type C to L

Key Features and benefits of mobile car chargers

There are numerous features of mobile car chargers that one should keep in mind before buying. It includes:
• It should be of premium quality • 360-degree rotation so that you can instantly rotate, flip to use it • Certifications like Qi • Universal compatibility • Supports all Qi-enabled phones • Must support 10w/15w quick wireless charging functionality • Should have a magnetic charging pad • Smart and crisp design
Buying a car mobile charger cable is surely extremely beneficial as it is extremely convenient, there is no fear of frayed cables, it is extremely easy and simple to adjust, and even the wires do not clutter, so no more wasting time while untangling it.
Product Showcase

Choetech 60W USB Type-C/A Metal Body Mobile Car Charger,


• Power Output: 60watt • USB Ports : USB –A (30w)QC3.0 + USB –C (30w)PD 3.0 • Could charge mobiles and tablets instantly • The full metal body design  • Ensures heat dissipation  • Scratch Resistant  • Ice blue LED lights for night • Intelligent current distribution system • 24 months warranty  • Superior performance • Smart Safety Protection

Choetech 130W Type C/A Metallic Body Car Charger, TC0011

• Power Output: 130 watt • USB Ports: USB-C (100w) PD3.0 +USB-C (30w) PD3.0 +USB-A (30W) QC 3.0 • Premium design, scratch resistant, Intelligent current distribution system • Safe and secured charging • Certified with CE, FCC and RoHS • Ultra compact and 12 months warranty

Product Comparison

Product Name Model Number Exclusive Feature Exclusive Feature Exclusive Feature Price
Choetech 60w USB type-C/A metal body mobile car charger TC0014 60 Watt power output Extremely fast charging & Intelligent protection system Ultra compact and metal design Rs. 2999
Choetech 130watt TypeC/A metallic body car charger TC0011 130 Watt power output Intelligent current distribution system Full body design for looks and heat dissipation Rs. 5499

Useful Tips to remember before buying car mobile chargers!

Yes, there are a few points that you keep in mind before you do decide to buy a car charger mobile. Here’s a preview!
• First of all, you must avoid car battery drainage • Make sure that the charger is compatible with all the mobile devices • You must make sure that the car charger you are buying does not degrade your cell phone’s battery • You can charge instantly by just turning off your phone • Make sure your charger is powered up
Frequently Asked Questions!

Does the car charger affect the battery?

No, the car charger will not affect the battery

Are all car phone chargers the same?

No, not all USB car chargers are the same, as they have different standards.